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🏆We are proud to launch the DataConian Hall of Fame, taking place alongside DataCon Africa.

This is a platform to recognise industry excellence from both individuals and teams that are driving data and analytics innovation throughout Africa.



Howard Diesel

Howard Diesel
DAMA (Data Management Association) Southern Africa

Lavina Ramkissoon

Lavina Ramkissoon
African Union

Gareth Becker

Gareth Becker
Content Strategist
Corinium Global Intelligence

Howard has a passion to equip Africa with Data Management skills and uplift careers and supporting successful Data Management careers and initiatives in Africa.
He presents at the monthly DAMA meetings online, alongside some of the greatest data professionals. He specializes in helping CDOs, EIM Head, and Information Governors to establish beneficial Information Governance programs in large, complex information-dependent institutions.
Experienced in establishing an effective EIM Centre of Excellence (COE) that entrench information governance by providing EIM Journeys that deliver business value.
He has worked for most of the major financial service providers in South Africa, with experience in Banking, Central Banking & insurance.
Specialties: Data Governance, Business Glossary, Data Risk Management, Compliance, Data Architecture, Data Warehouse, Self-service Business Intelligence, Reference and Master Data Management, Data Quality, Meta-data, Document and Content Management, Taxonomies and Ontologies.
Also known as the #AImom, she is considered a thought leader in pioneering technology, passionate about humanity,  technology, economics and dance Besides the 20 years of experience in technology, she holds added knowledge in the fields of psychology and artificial intelligence. yes, all things AI!
AI Ethics mentor and driver of Africa’s artificial intelligence potential. Missions to create meaningful innovative solutions to help shape the African continent. Hughes support of technology for good in underdeveloped countries.
She plays in sunny fields across Africa’s landscape. Her specialization besides being a podcast guest is in emerging technology spaces including Agritech, Fintech, Healthtech, Lawtech, Retailtech and Growing.
Aims to educate. inspire. drive AI innovations across Africa.

Gareth Becker is a Content Strategist at Corinium Global Intelligence, specializing in creating articles, reports, videos, scripts, and podcasts focused on the data and analytics industry.

With 9 years of experience and a Masters Degree in Multimedia Journalism from the University of Sussex, Gareth has a talent for producing insightful and thought-provoking content.


Data analytics leader of the year

Aimed at: A data leader with impact, influence and engagement across their organisation.
Here’s how to win: To be an award-winning data leader, you need to provide vision and support to your department as well as delivering value to your organisation. The judges will be looking for evidence of strong strategic thinking as well as tactical delivery that builds belief among teams and stakeholders.

*Entries for all categories are now closed

Transformation with data 

Aimed at: Any organisation that has empowered a new process or outcome through the application of data and analytics.
Here’s how to win: Provide evidence of how data and analytics have been used to transform the organisation, the way it operates, how a service is delivered or how customers are engaged. This may be through becoming digital-first or by putting a data asset at the heart of operations.

*Entries for all categories are now closed

Data literacy champion 

Aimed at: The advocate for up-skilling the organisation as a whole with data capabilities who has driven forward the data literacy agenda.
Here’s how to win: This award is for an individual who tirelessly champions the need to recruit for data skills, foster data abilities and drive-up the capabilities of the whole organisation around data. It is through their vision, enthusiasm and delivery that everybody gains enhanced abilities.

*Entries for all categories are now closed

Most innovative use of AI 

Aimed at: An application of artificial intelligence, machine learning or automation to introduce a new approach or service.
Here’s how to win: Provide the judges with an insight into how a business opportunity or issue was identified that was subsequently resolved through the use of AI, ML or automation. The impact needs to be fresh and transformative, even if the target was a BAU process.

*Entries for all categories are now closed

Vendor Category: Data enabling solution of the year 

Aimed at: Product or service developed by a data or tech vendor.
*Nominations for this entry is only open to current sponsors and partners of DataCon Africa
Here’s how to win:  In this category, the winning product or service will be based on the application of data and technology to key client processes. In selecting the winner, the judges will be looking for a vendor or service provider who has been able to find an innovative way to deliver these resources.

*Entries for all categories are now closed